The Arc of Orange County and SullivanArc awarded Disaster Recovery Grants

The Arc of Orange County and SullivanArc of Monticello, announced that they have each received grants from New York State’s Office of Mental Health awarded through New York’s Non-Profit Behavioral Health / Developmental Disability Providers Health Information Technology Investment Program.

The Arc of Orange has been awarded $28,300 and SullivanArc has been awarded $40,867 to help prepare for interruption of their internet and phone services in the event of a natural disaster.

Following Hurricane Sandy, SullivanArc’s ability to access medical and patient records, payroll, billing, and phone systems ceased for days. To ensure protection against future natural disasters, the two organizations have collaborated to build a system that will back up each other in the event of a disaster that causes system interruption. Recovery and backup will link the two organizations at different locations ensuring that even if one site is impacted, the other site will enable access to internet records for billing purposes and medical records.

Both SullivanArc and The Arc of Orange County are members of the statewide organization, NYSARC, Inc., providing supports to people with developmental disabilities in their respective counties including educational, clinical, employment, residential, and day services. SullivanArc supports over 1,100 people, while The Arc of Orange County supports 1,800 people.

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