Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation is designed to provide trained staff to work with people with developmental disabilities in their homes and communities to develop practical life skills and explore the world around them. People identify valued outcomes, and staff supports them to work towards them. Valued Outcomes are defined by the person and vary based on individual preference.

Community Habilitation occurs in the family home and the community, but, unlike respite, community habilitation employs a written plan of service that follows a weekly schedule. The plan is developed with the greatest possible degree of participation on the part of the person receiving the service and his or her family. The Community Habilitation plan is unique to the individual and identifies goals that the person works on with the assistance of staff. Goals may focus on improving personal care skills, housekeeping skills, appropriate social behavior, communication, accessing community resources, safety practices, and pursuing personal interests, to give some typical choices. There is no cost for this program provided the individual is enrolled in the Medicaid Waiver and approved to receive community habilitation services under waiver guidelines. Staff hired as Community Habilitation Facilitators may be either someone already employed by The Arc of Orange County or someone recommended by the individual or his/her family. As with respite services, it’s their option.

For more information on participating in our Community Hab Programs please call The Arc of Orange Intake Coordinator, Jacqueline Broder at (845) 343-0871 ext. 4346 or