Overview of our Day Services

The Arc of Orange County provides Day Services to more than 330 people each year with sites in Campbell Hall, Middletown, Monroe and Chester. Day services offer adults a place to socialize with peers, attend classes, learn hobbies and life skills, take field trips, volunteer in the community, receive job skill training, explore artistic and musical talents and generally have beneficial daily experiences that are personalized to their needs. Whether in the community or the on-site classroom setting, the focus is on skill development and social experiences. Relationships are built and new opportunities to become active in their own communities, as well as having new experiences are explored.

Participants range in age from young adults to senior citizens. The scope of individual need is broad, from those requiring minimal supports and assistance to those who require a significant amount of hands-on care for their daily activities. Our staff is highly trained and has access to specialized training and adaptive equipment to provide the compassionate care our participants require. We work closely with the participant, their family, care providers and their Medicaid Service Coordinator to develop a Day Habilitation plan which will address the participant’s desired outcomes.

To be eligible for Day Hab services, the person must be enrolled in the Home and Community Based Service Medicaid Waiver Program (HCBS) and NY Medicaid, have documentation of a developmental disability prior to age 21, and approval from the Hudson Valley DDSO.

We also provide transportation services to and from a site using our own fleet of vehicles and certified, qualified drivers. At our program sites, individuals learn skills that include those for self-care, grocery shopping and food preparation, interpersonal relationships, acceptable social behaviors, good health habits, gardening and many cognitive skills. They participate in the community through a variety of work activities including volunteer delivery of Meals on Wheels, Friendly Visitor shopping, delivering daffodils for the American Red Cross, bringing musical entertainment to schools and nursing homes, and collecting donations for the Hudson Valley Food Bank or newspapers for local animal shelters. They also visit local stores, shops, museums, art centers, restaurants, banks, libraries, movies, plays and a whole host of other community facilities where they not only practice skills, but have lots of recreation and fun! Our trained staff work alongside the participants to provide the guidance and encouragement needed for learning and the praise appreciated for success! For those needing intensive hands-on care, our staff ensures that the daily needs of each person are met with dignity and respect.

For more information on participating in our Day Programs please call The Arc of Orange Intake Coordinator, Jackie Broder at (845) 796-1350 ext. 1303 or jbroder@sullivanarc.org.