The Arc of Orange County is currently the primary guardian for 5 people and is the standby guardian for an additional 5 people – Legal guardianship allows a person, usually a parent or other family member, to make decisions on behalf of another person over the age of 18, the age at which all individuals are deemed legally competent, regardless of any limiting condition the person may have.

The Arc of Orange County provides guardianship under the auspices of NYSARC, our parent corporation, to individuals who have no immediate family available. Guardianship responsibility is exercised through the Guardianship Committee of The Arc of Orange County’s Board of Directors. The Arc of Orange County provides only what is termed “guardianship of the person” which permits the Guardianship Committee to make decisions on behalf of the guardian for program and service plans, and to consent for medical treatment when recommended by a physician.

The Arc of Orange County may also act as stand-by or alternate to a primary guardian. Then, upon the death or incapacity of the primary guardian, The Arc of Orange County will assume primary guardianship. The Guardianship Committee, in addition to making decisions about care and treatment, also makes sure the guardian receives birthday and holiday gifts, regularly visits with him or her, ensures that appropriate burial arrangements are made, and works cooperatively with trustees or guardians of property.