In-home Respite

The In-Home Respite program provides a trained staff member  to support a person with a developmental disability while their family member/caregiver takes a break. Hours are scheduled in advance, and agreed upon with the person being supported, their family and staff member.

For families of young children, respite provides in-home supervision; for families of teen or adult children, respite is companionship. For brief periods of time, typically 2-3 hours per visit, our Respite Providers go to private homes to care for a family member with a developmental disability. Respite allows parents (or other primary care givers) to take a break from continuous care. It is funded by Medicaid and there is no cost to the family for the service. Preference is given to families in greatest need. The person being supported and their family have the option to choose their respite provider. The person may be someone already working at The Arc of Orange County or someone the child and family already know – a friend, neighbor, relative. We currently serve 17 families through respite.

For more information on participating in our In-home Respite Program please call The Arc of Orange Intake Coordinator, Jacqueline Broder at (845) 343-0871 ext. 4346 or