Donate to our Wishlist/In-Kind Donations

We are always seeking ways to enrich the experiences we offer the people we serve through the various programs and sites of The Arc of Orange County.

Your donation of any item(s) or services on our wish list would be very appreciated. Please contact Regina Donnelly at (845) 561-0670, ext. 1137 or to discuss a donation to our Wishlist.

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Residential Program


  • Deck off of back of house with doors in dining room.
  • Remodeling of basement.


  • A large barrier free therapeutic tub.
  • 24 x24 Garage for storage.


  • Outdoor barrier free gazebo, new sidewalk. New living room and dining room furniture.

Montgomery 1

  • Barrier free gazebo.
  • Repaving of pathways and driveway.
  • A large barrier free therapeutic tub.

North Plank

  • Remove deck and replace with paved area.
  • Add retractable awning or permanent shaded area to newly paved area.

Big Island

  • Additional exit with ramp on bedroom side of house.


  • Expansion of driveway parking area.
  • Convert bathroom to accessible obstacle free bathroom with grab bars.

Port Jervis

  • Replacement of all windows.
  • Remodel downstairs interior to increase laundry space and create new office space, while adding additional single bedroom.

Ball Road

  • A generator
  • Central air conditioning
  • A large barrier free therapeutic tub.

Sporting event tickets, circus events, plays, driving range, anything to increase community inclusion and events.

Education Program

  • Ipads/more technology for the students ($200-$700 each)
  • Smart boards or Tap-a company that offers a similar type of technology that is portable if smart boards cannot be done
  • Gym mats
  • Funds to support community outings
  • New furniture for classrooms (especially seating options)
  • Sensory equipment
  • Functional Curriculum materials (PCI/Pro-ED has very appropriate materials for our students)
  • Yoga instructor
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Outside shed for equipment/bikes/pools ($2,000)
  • School age outdoor equipment
  • Digital camera
  • Power Point Projector
  • Outdoor Benches
  • Flowers, Shrubs, Plants, and Mulch for planting
  • Gardening Supplies
  • Bean Bag Chair
  • Children’s Books (Preschool through 3rd grade)

Mac Day Program

  • A 3rd Bathroom
  • 6 new tables
  • Couch and Loveseat
  • Non CDL w/chair Van
  • New computers for the people we support to use
  • New furniture

Chester Life Choices Program

  • Non CDL w/chair Van
  • New computers for the people we support to use
  • New furniture

Campbell Hall Day Program

  • Awning w/ automatic door for the front of Campbell Hall to help keep people dry in bad weather, as well as cut down on cost of heating and air conditioning
  • Donation to have a music therapist come to Campbell Hall once a month ($125.00 per month for year =$1,500.00)
  • Wii and games
  • Cars and Mini-vans for supported employment dept. to assist people in getting to work
  • Furniture- classroom table, chair, arm chairs etc.
  • Donation to cover the cost of special activities, i.e. DJ, entertainment, picnics, holiday parties
  • 2 electric lifts for transferring people
  • Outdoor furniture


  • All new stethoscopes with electronic b/p cuffs (children cuffs for education)
  • Electronic thermometers that are used on the forehead (less invasive)
  • New treatment carts for homes
  • All new Tabers and Merck Medical Manuals, and Drug guide books (for all sites – including education and day sites)
  • New CPR mannequins

Quality Improvement/Training/Human Resources

  • Use of a large area which could be used for training purposes or meetings.
  • Money to purchase materials for training. (Training DVD’s; instructional materials)
  • LCD projector, lap top, and portable screen
  • Money for College of Direct Support (to take classes)
  • Money for special/guest instructors…cooking healthy; team building; leadership; supervision
  • Money for Staff Wellness program thus leading to improving the quality of life for staff who in turn provide it for the people we serve… Instructors for stress reduction; exercise; yoga; motivation; anxiety; depression; art; music…donations for staff appreciation contests/prizes